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teenage pricks

Oh my God.

My dreadful little neighbours are having a party (their father and youthful stepmother having pissed off for a jaunt in the dad's penis extension power boat for a few days, leaving their 17 and 15 year old daughters home alone, as usual). And, also as usual, they are playing absolutely terrible music - crappy chart hip hop, in this case. And they are playing it so loudly it's practically drowing out my telly. But what makes it even worse is that what sounds like the entire party is SINGING/RAPPING ALONG AT TOP VOLUME. It's possibly the most annoying sound I've ever heard, and if it keeps up I'll have to sleep in the spare room, which doesn't adjoin next door's wall. And I bet we'll find a pile of their fucking roaches and cigarette butts on our patio tomorrow morning, as they always chuck them over the wall into our garden, although I don't know why they care about their parents finding out about their smoking - if their dad and stepmother were really such concerned parents they might actually, I dunno, stick around for the odd weekend or even make sure their kids went to school rather than hang around the house with their skanky friends all day.

Bah, I'm being mean. But really, they're a pretty unpleasant bunch.

ETA: As well as the dreadful rap-along, someone is now playing the Chariots of Fire theme on the piano. Badly.


May. 1st, 2005 07:54 am (UTC)
A couple of years ago almost the exact scenario played out next door. Mammy & Daddy went away, leaving teenage daughter at home. She invited her chums around to listen to some records and drink some pop, but some big meanie boys gatecrashed! And one climbed up on the roof and smashed some tiles! And another had a knife! And several were lying down in the garden in a drunken stupor because they were unable to do anything else!

The police were called, and they had everyone (by this stage, around 30 14-17 year olds) lined up against the wall. They took my neighbour's mobile phone and rang her parents (loudly, in the garden) and told them to come home ASAP. They sent everyone else home, and waited in the house for the parents to come home.

By the way, it was only around 10pm when all of this went down...


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