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...don't you ever get sick of feeling sick about it?....

Meh. Usually I like being at home on a Friday night, but this is one of those times when I feel a bit abandoned by the world, because instead of being home with pals I am home alone. Which is stupid, because I could have gone out with a few different people if I'd actually, you know, made any arrangements, but today I thought I wouldn't be in the mood for going out. And now I kind of am. And yet here I am, sitting at my 'puter like a fool. And shopping for groceries online! God, if you'd told me when I was 17 that this is what I'd have been doing on a Friday night in ten years, I'd have just given up altogether.

Still, there are plenty of nice things to make me happy. In imitation of alicetiara, I shall list some of them. Ahem...

1: I just bought the perfect baby blue duffel coat, which was really cheap (91 Euro) because it was in Miss Selfridge. I have long championed the duffel coat, even before they became ubiquitous, and have been wearing them on and off since I was 17 and decided that they made me look like an English '50s art student. Anyway, this one is absolutely adorable, and looks nice on me too, as blue is the colour that suits me more than anything else in the world.

2: I have a bunch of fun trashy books to read.

3: I am going to a party tomorrow night, to which I will wear my classy customised Sleater-Kinney tee.

4: Hey, grocery shopping online is really handy ! And it'll arrive tomorrow morning. Fresh milk to my door! It'll be like old times.

5: I have a boyfriend who writes songs about monkeys with me.

6: I am listening to the Archers online.

7: It's actually pretty nice having the house to myself....
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