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i say steve, what about a spot of dinner?

I'm posting at an amazing rate this weekend (that's what happens when I'm home alone *sniffs*), so I might as well post once more, to tell those of you who love vintage English detectives to check out the Paul Temple mysteries on BBC 7. I wanted something entertaining to listen to yesterday while cleaning the bathroom (oh the romance) and so went to BBC 7's Listen Again section, and decided to check out the first part of a Paul Temple radio series from the late '50s (which can be found here, although they only keep stuff up for a week so it'll be gone tomorrow). And it was wonderful! It's on every weekday so there were five episodes up on the site, and I ended up listening to the first four parts practically in a row. I'm planning on listening to the fifth while I make my lunch, as well as checking out the last few episodes this week. It's enormous fun - Paul Temple is not only suave and sophisticated, but has an equally glamorous wife called.....Steve. Yes, Steve. Anyway, Steve is a journalist too, and they go jet setting about the place solving intriguing and complicated crimes while speaking like Laura and Alec in Brief Encounter ("I'm teddibly, teddibly happy, darling"). There are enormous revelations every fifteen minutes (cue dramatic pause or exciting, very-BBC-in-the-'50s music, which I love), and every episode ends on a cliff hanger ("I believe that the dead man was actually...."). I'm in love! And you will be too.
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