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Bah, the bank holiday is over, and a new week of hard grind begins. Speaking of which, if you've never watched Coronation Street, now is the time to start, as Ian McKellan is guest starring at the moment. He's playing Mel Hutchwright, the author of gritty northern saga Hard Grinding, which the book club have been discussing. And now he's turned up in person and has captivated his elderly fans. The results are comedy gold. How can you miss the sight of Gandalf in the Rovers?
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Yesterday barsine came to call, and we watched Gilmore Girls, strolled in the park, and of course ate our collective weight in unhealthy food. Hurrah! Actually, I really can't cope with such gorging - when I came back from walking H to the bus stop I practically fell into a stupor and could only be roused by an excellent new episode of Scrubs.

God, I just realised that to look at my posts you might think I watch a vast amount of television. And I really only watch a couple of programmes a week (Corrie, Dr Who, the odd documentary or big drama - and of course my American downloads). But I tend to only watch programmes I like a lot, or at least feel strongly about, hence all the postage. On a more literary note, today I got a parcel of books from Harper Collins. For some bizarre reason, HC seem to delight in sending me exactly the sort of books I hate (spy thrillers, books about the SAS). I have no idea why they send me these things, as I am never going to read them, let alone write about them, but today they sent me a parcel containing just one army related book which also contains not only the new book from Susan Juby, but also the new Jenny Colgan. I like Jenny Colgan's books very much - yes, they're usually silly chicklit, but they're very funny silly chicklit, and she also wrote a wonderful and very unchicklit book about Arthurian myth coming true in Coventry which I loved (and which made me cry at the end, to my enormous surprise). So even though it's raining and I may have to become a bin courier today (hopefully not a bin model as well), there are cheering things too.

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