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what good luck! what bad luck!

The post van just arrived, bearing a vast pile of packages tied up with string. After much untangling, I start to open them. They contain the usual round of boring books that I don't want, until I get to a parcel from Little, Brown. Their rep in this part of the world is somewhat eccentric, and instead of using padded envelopes likes wrapping the books up in layers of brown paper and masking tape. After ripping off the first layer, I see a postcard. This postcard depicts the cover of the forthcoming new book by Vikram Seth, author of one of my favourite books ever (that would be A Suitable Boy).

Me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I frantically ripped off the rest of the brown paper, assuming the new Seth lay within. But what did it contain instead? THE NEW BOOK BY NICHOLAS BLOODY SPARKS! How dare they taunt me with Vikram Seth postcards and then give me a book by Nicholas Sparks?! It wouldn't have been half as disappointing if the book in the package had been slightly less shit.

The cover of the Seth book is very pretty though.
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