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In the Bleak Midwinter

The weather is not good at the moment. This is how bad it is:
The WeatherPixie

Except it is darker. Obviously the poor pixie cannot tell that despite it being officially before sunset, it is in actual fact as dark as it will be at four o'clock. Horrible.

It's funny, though - having a delightful new coat makes me much more enthusiastic about going outside. I do like wrapping myself up in my snug baby blue duffel and stripy pink and red scarf, topped off with my sparkly baby-blue wool hat with turquoise trim. I like cheerful winter clothing.

And to be honest, I like winter, full stop. I've always been more of a winter person than a summer one, although I did find the first few winters after I left college surprisingly depressing. Still, this winter, despite the fact that I am feeling generally stressed and harassed anyway, I am back to my old self as regards enjoying the nasty rainy weather. I like being snug indoors drinking tea while the rain howls against the window; I like wearing snug winter clothes; I like the general cosiness.

of course, if you ask me what I think of winter later on today after I've been waiting for the bus in the icy rain for an hour, I will give a different answer.


Oh, and.... happy birthday, jinxremoving !
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