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The Monkey Princess

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queen of the may

Okay. The weekend was gorgeous and sunny. Yesterday was wet and cold. Today it's sunny, but there are clouds on the horizon, and my house doesn't seem to have realised that it's warm outside now and is still absolutely fucking freezing. This is the middle of May. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE WEATHER?!

Gah. Usually we have a stretch of nice weather in May even when the rest of the summer is crap. But it looks like this year, we'll be denied even that brief pleasure! Unless the past weekend counts. It was particularly gorgeous on Sunday - I went to a garden party in my editor's house on Sunday afternoon that was like something out of The Great Gatsby. It took place in a fabulous house on Howth Head with a garden that basically ended on a cliff and the best view I've ever seen in Dublin - you could practically see across to Wales. But after that afternoon spent sipping champagne garnished with freshly frozen raspberries, it's back to earth with a damp rainy bump this week. Bah!
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