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beyond the dreams of avarice

I've just been listening to a piece on Radio 4's You and Yours about signed books, and apparently a signed first edition of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is already worth a small fortune!

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Although I'd never, ever ask a famous actor or musician for their autographs, I have always asked writers whom I've met through work (either interviews or, as in Susanna Clarke's case, a fancy dinner thing) to sign books if I'm a fan, even though I know it's really unprofessional. I've aquired the John Hancocks of, among others, Jeffrey Eugenides, Sarah Waters, David Sedaris and Barbara Trapido, and I'll doubtless add more to this geeky collection in the future. Add this autograph hunting to my habit of blabbering on nervously when interviewing people I admire greatly (like Diana Wynne Jones, to give but one example, whom I interviewed over the phone - a situation which sadly prevented me whipping out my much-read copy of Charmed Life and forcing her to write on it), and you will see that, like poor old Rory Gilmore, I am not the model of a sophisticated journalist.
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