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Christmas Cliches

Jesus Christ. I am in the Boy's parent's house in the country, where we (the band) are meant to be recording stuff over the weekend, and lo, I get a message from my boss telling me that my big Christmas articles, which I assumed were due on the normal deadline day, Wednesday, are in fact due on Monday morning.

I don't. Fucking. Need this.

However, you nice people might be able to help me. I am writing an article on Christmas cliches from books, films and (British) soaps - i.e. If you are an evil miser, you will be shown the error of your ways and be blessed by tiny crippled orphans. That sort of thing. However, because I am a moron (and possibly demented by annoyance at the moment), my mind is a blank. I can think of very few of the above that feature Christmas at all. I have the obvious ones, of course, like A Christmas Carol and It's Wonderful Life (sniff! Sorry, the final scene of that film makes me cry like a baby). But any more suggestions will be gratefully received.

Oh, and thanks to angiv and riarambles who have been a great help already via AIM!
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