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fuggy night in dun laoghaire town

I have spent the week in such a state of stress (incredibly vague work assignment, other people's woes et al) that I forgot to tell you all about the Worst Outfit Ever. I saw this hideous ensemble last week in Dun Laoghaire, and my eyes are still burning. I was standing at the bus stop on my way back from a meeting with one of my editors, when two teenage girls approached. One of them was wearing baggy tracksuit bottoms/sweatpants slung so low that you could practically see her pubes, tucked into a pair of Ugg boots. This grotesquely unflattering combo was bad enough, but on her upper half (nearly a foot above the waistband of the low slung trews) she was wearing a cropped hoodie beneath....a cropped satin bomber jacket. Could a more unflattering outfit exist? Not only were all its components just plain hideous, but combined they made the girl look freakishly out of proportion. And to add insult to visual injury, she was wearing (as lots of south Dublin middle class girls seem to be doing these days) about an inch of orange foundation. It was a terrifying sight.

In happier news, Patsington's short film got accepted by a prestigious film festival in Galway! Huzzah for Patsington! Hopefully he will join daegaer, barsine and myself when we got out on the razz this evening.
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