The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

it is a truth universally acknowledged....

....that the godawful Pride and Prejudice trailer is up. And come on, we all know that Jane Austen could only be enhanced by a "trailer man" voice over. Does it say "in a world..."? It does! And not only that...
"In a world where marrying a rich man was the best a woman could hope for, Elizabeth Bennett was ahead of her time".

How so, Trailer Man? Because she, um, marries a rich man, and in fact decides to do so after having a good gawp at his enormous mansion? I mean, I love Austen (and I've always liked Miss Eliza herself), but there isn't an Austen heroine who doesn't end up marrying a rich man. Captain Wentworth? Naval superstar. Henry Tinley? He's got a freaking Abbey! The promotions people are obviously so obsessed with making the film all modern and "relevant" to an audience with no sense of history that they've decided not to make any sense at all. And the film itself looks more like Bronte-esque romanticism than Austen elegance.
Tags: kultur, media whore
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