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bollywood dreams

I've always loved whatever vintage Indian pop music I've heard (think the opening credits of Ghost World), but unfortunately it's hard to know where to begin. So I'm thrilled by this fantastic show. There are lot of rather gloopy ballads, but the song at the moment is absolutely amazing - really frenetic late '50s twanginess with a man and a woman singing a rather excited-sounding duet. Alas, I can't identify any of the songs for future reference as the programme is presented in an Indian language (I can't even tell which one), so it's frustrating as well as entertaining.

Oooh, hang on a sec, apparently that cool song - which has just finished - is by Asha Bhosle - a name I recognise amid the ! Of course, as she was extremely prolific, I'll never find it, but it's a start.
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