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Did you miss me? Or indeed notice that I was gone? Well, I was, in various parts of Galway, since Thursday afternoon. And now I am back. And insanely tired, and hot, and head-achey. And I arrived home to find that Patsington's dad went and painted much of the house when I was away! Which was pretty damn nice of him. So now our bathroom is a gorgeous primrose yellow and our hall, stairs and landing is, well, magnolia, but that's much nicer than the blah off-white it's been for years. Anyway, here are some things I've done since I was last online.

1. Worried about my sister in London, who is fine. Although I have to confess I'm a little freaked about going to London now, which is idiotic of me. I think it's because ever since 9/11, I've been scared something like this would happen in London, possibly while my sibling was on a train, and every single time I've been there since (and I've been over there quite a bit - I went to London the week after 9/11 and, as usual, I've gone over about three times a year every year since) I've been worried about something happening on the Tube. And now it has. Anyway, I'm still going over, of course. And I am planning to take a couple of day trips out of the city, as I'm going to be there for five days - is Cambridge do-able for the day? Or would travelling there and back take too long? I've always wanted to go there, but I have no idea how regular and/or fast buses and trains there are from the city.

2. Speaking Irish. Yes, I went back to my old colaiste samhraidh and had to speak Irish the entire time AS IF I WERE A STUDENT THERE AGAIN. It did come back remarkably quickly, which was rather strange. Without thinking about it, I found myself using words I thought I'd forgotten. I did, however, have a tendency to put in German words, particularly prepositions and expressions like "und so weiter", but that's what not doing Irish since 1993 and doing a four year German degree does for you.

3. Watching Patsington's film receive a very enthusiastic reception in the Shorts section of the Galway Film Fleadh. Hurrah for the bold and triumphant Patsington!

4. Played with the very friendly dogs belonging to our Galway friends and hosts Gugai and Cherie.

5. Nearly fainted from the heat while wandering around my favourite bookshop in the country, Charlie Byrne's. I found a copy of Genius at the Chalet School, and a couple of Gerald Durrell books, but it was relatively slim pickings for Charlie Byrne's. Usually I find books there that I've been seeking in vain for years.

6. Gone to an exhibition of art by a friend of mine and Patsington's. Her stuff is fucking amazing but, alas, very expensive so we couldn't buy any of it. It was an exhibition of stuff by both her and a group of her art mates, and the quality varied widely, but there was one piece I really, really loved and was sorely tempted to buy, as it was in the almost-affordable range (€200). I kept thinking "well, I know I didn't earn very much last month, but it's such an amazing piece and it'll be an investment, and it's not like I don't actually have the money in the bank..." However, while I may have that money in the bank, I certainly can't afford to spend it on one painting, so my art collecting days have not begun.
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