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Tis the Season....

Hee hee, I am on holiday! Although on the downside, that means that I am paying for this internet time. Still, I'm in my dressing gown, and have just feasted on beans and toast, and am drinking nice tea and listening to the radio. Soon I shall leisurely wash my currently-greasy locks and then go into town and buy the last of my presents. So you know, it all balances out.

I do wish I felt a bit more Christmassy, though. I usually feel slightly more festive by this stage of December, but for some reason it might as well be October, apart from the stress of having to buy a zillion presents. I think I need to read some Christmassy books; I actually read John Masefield's The Box of Delights every Christmas Eve, and have done since I was ten, so I think I might have to get it out. Maybe it will fill me with the festive spirit?

And finally, I went to see The Two Towers yesterday. Legolas skating down steps on a tray, firing arrows! Aragorn! Gollum being all appealling, making everything to come even more tragic! Even the godawful Liv Tyler couldn't spoil it for me.
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