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Oh my God, it's hot. And (which doesn't automatically follow in this country), it's sunny. So sunny, in fact, that despite the fact that my face was regularly slathered in SPF20 throughout the day (as barsine can testify, as we enjoyed a sunny lunch together in the verdant grounds of our alma mater), I am now an unattractively rosy colour. With whiter patches where my CHiPs style sunglasses had been. I should add that when I got these sunglasses, I didn't realise that in daylight, the outer side of their lenses would have a certain....mirrored quality. They looked really nice and brown in the shop. But outside they look like I should be patroling the California highways on a motorbike. So now I am worried that I look like Erik Estrada, which isn't helped by Patsington saying "hullo, Ponch" whenever I appear in my new shades.

Not only am I red and Estrada-esque, but I am an incredible klutz. This morning I was applying a tiny bit of my favourite BPAL oil, Alice, when my phone rang. Distracted for a split second, I managed to tip the bottle too far and spill half of it out. Gah! And then, when in town, I decided to make what oil I have left go longer by buying some unscented body lotion in the Body Shop and adding some of the oil to it. But of course, when I poured in the oil to the lotion bottle a few minutes ago, I poured too much in, and now I have hardly any pure oil left at all. WHY DON'T THOSE BOTTLES HAVE FUCKING DROPPER TOPS? I don't seem to be able to pour any less than a gallon out of the tiny thing every time I tilt it. And I love that scent! I just hope the lotion absorbs it, because if it does, I can be both sweet scented and moisturised. Which is surely a good thing, especially in this vile weather.
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