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bubbles invasion

Bubbles is losing the run of himself. I was coming into the sitting room from the kitchen to watch Coronation Street* when I realised that someone else was coming in with me. Someone who had presumably got in through our bedroom window and had a little stroll around the house. He followed me into the sitting room, wandered around a bit, and then jumped out the window - to the insane wrath of Ju Ju, who was relaxing in a flower bed in the front garden. WHERE WILL IT END? With Bubbles sitting in his own plush arm chair in our sitting room smoking a pipe, if he has anything to say about it. And he probably has.

*Which is just getting funnier and funnier. Tonight's highlight was ultra-camp Sean, who was looking for an excuse to get together with the local hunky vet, taking his friend's perfectly healthy rabbit to the vetinary clinic and explaining his urgent need to see the vet by describing the animal's (made up) symptoms thus, in a very serious voice: "How can a light that burned so brightly suddenly burn so pale?" GENIUS.
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