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well, that was good.

Hmmmmmm. I have to say that, while I really, really enjoyed the book and thought it was the best since Prisoner of Azkaban, I was also a bit disappointed. I hope the Dumbledore-was-asking-Snape-to-kill-him theory is correct, because although I've never thought Snape was secretly nice, I always loved the fact that he was a complete prick who was nevertheless on the side of good. I thought it was an inspired move by Rowling. So I feel a bit let down.

Also, where was Neville? I adored the suggestion at the end of the last book that the prophecy could have been about him, but that idea seems to have been totally dropped, as indeed has the veracity of the prophecy outside Voldemort's head. Why bring up the Neville thing if it's not going to mean anything?

Although it'd be pretty cool if Harry was the horcrux (which I assumed was the case as soon as Dumbledore mentioned Nagini), and Neville was the one who could kill Voldemort....

Still, there were loads of great things about the book - morally conflicted Malfoy, the Slug Club, the flashbacks, the redemption of Fleur.... and yes, I sobbed at the end. The last 20 pages are all blotchy now.

Anyone else think Rowling borrowed the idea of a day dream service from a similar one offered by a certain Nigel Molesworth 50 years ago? I've long guessed she was a Molesworth fan - after all, St Custards do actually play a school called Hogwarts, which is a little too much of a coincidence....


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Jul. 18th, 2005 11:59 am (UTC)
I am thinking the Neville aspect may resurface... it would make a very appropriate ending for Neville to swoop in and kill Voldemort.
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