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Have YOU listed hating Lucy Mangan as an interest yet?

In other news, I am reading Jasper Fforde's new non-Thursday-Next book for work and to my immense amazement, I'm quite enjoying it. Considering that I had to throw away The Eyre Affair in horror at the godawful writing, this is bizarre. The writing is still a bit flat, and the story is cheesy, but the jokes are quite funny in a stupid sort of way (which is often the funniest way of all). You never know, I might have to give his previous stuff another chance. Although maybe not. I've got lots of good stuff to read (I've discovered - thanks to getting sent her latest book for work - Liza Picard's social histories of London. I got sent Victorian London and am now reading Dr Johnson's London, and they're great - really, really interesting social history, written in a genuinely funny style. I think perhaps the fact that she's not a professional historian adds to the charm - they're beautifully researched, but there's a sense of genuine curiosity and excitement that perhaps some historians lose by the time they've finished their doctorates. So much non-academic history writing is shamefully dull, even when writing about what should be interesting subjects, so I love finding a writer whose desire to simply know as much as possible about how people actually lived 200 years ago is evident on every page, as is her sense of humour.

After meeting the leopard kittens, Ju Ju looks even more vast than ever. I think she's literally about twice as large as Ava. And a lot less spotty.
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