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Thank you, BBC Asian Network radio soap Silver Street, for your excellent portrayal of British Asian concerns post-London bombs, and for featuring a conversation between Rita (who's from a Hindu Indian background) and Mary (a middle aged Irish woman) in which Rita told of her teenage son's fear of being shot by the police if he runs for the bus and the wires of his walkman ear phones are sticking out, and Mary told of her own experiences of anti-Irish racism after the Birmingham bombs. One of the things I like about Silver Street - apart from the fact that it's an entertaining soap - is the fact that the central white characters are all Irish or the children of Irish immigrants, and that the area itself was home to Irish immigrants before an influx of Asian ones - it's an unobtrusive comment about assimilation and changing immigration patterns which works really well. I hope they keep up the good work.
Tags: god bless the bbc, kultur
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