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Family Fortunes


Urrrgh. I am sick. Yes, my boyfriend and some of my best friends have all had chest infections recently, and when does my body finally decide to contract the dread illness? Yeah, Christmas Eve. I have spent the day in bed, feeling dreadful, surfacing for the odd bit of smoked-salmon-on-home-made-bread. But! I got some lovely presents, and it's fun being home. My sisters and I squabble childishly, but really we are horribly alike. We also find the same stupid things hilarious. For example, on Monday night my sister Jenny and I were messing around in her and Rachel's old room. Jenny was turning around to take an amusing-to-us book off a shelf, and when her back was turned I donned my youngest sister Rachel's tan 'pirate style' boots. As soon as Jenny turned back I leaped off the bed clicking my heels and crying "Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!"

Jenny, of course, found this hilarious, as I had intended her to do. It is good to be back among people with whom you can do ridiculous pirate imitations if the mood should so take you. That, I think, is what family is all about. Heh.

Anyway, I hope y'all are feeling less sickly than I, and that you've had a lovely day!
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