The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess


I have just made an appointment for my first acupuncture session in over 20 years. I hope I have not become afraid of needles in the meantime. Actually, I'm not really scared of needles at all; what I am scared of (or at least freaked out by) are visible veins. The thought of needles going into those veins makes me feel faint, especially when the veins stand out as if they are going to burst out of your arms. Needles going into less sticky-outy parts, however, hold little terror for me. Alas the acunpuncturist (who attends my sister leedy) is away on holiday and won't be back for a week, so my appointment is on the 29th. Hopefully my tummy and sinuses will still be in vaguely salvagable order by then.

Now, I am going to lie down on the couch drinking peppermint tea and reading The Diary of a Provincial Lady, one of my favourite books in the world. Patsington is playing a gig tonight, so I need to rest before changing into less scruffy clothes (I am currently wearing an elderly pair of brown cords and a little white t-shirt with a cowgirl on it in red glitter) and heading out to cheer on my musical paramour.
Tags: needles and pins, oh poor me
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