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Teenage Slush

One of the oddest things about being home this Christmas is the fact that Lisa's and my old room is almost entirely filled with boxes. My parents moved home from America nearly a year ago, and the stuff that was being shipped arrived about six months ago. Because my parents are almost as disorganised as me, they haven't unpacked loads of these boxes yet, and so my old room is full of wrapped up pictures and boxes of cushions.

The good thing, however, is that in all the confusion things from the past suddenly become unearthed. Which is how I found the first page of a zine my sister Jenny and I did in 1993, when I was 17 and she was 15. It consisted of a list of things we liked and things we didn't. And for your amusement, and a look into my embarrassing teenage brain, I'd like to transcribe it here...with a few interjections from my modern self. Note: it was actually quite laid out, but I can't reproduce that here, so the lists are just in straight list form.

Welcome to Teenage Slush. You can now see what you paid good money for. Sorry. In this, our first issue, we shall have words of wisdom aplenty, cartoons, news [News? I have no idea what sort of news I was going to come with.] and reviews. This is a zine for people who like what we like and hate what we hate. Which is....


Blur's latest album [This was Modern Life is Rubbish]

The fact that Cornershop played to a school of 4 to 11 year olds (who loved them, strangely enough).

Voodoo Queens [A British-Indian riot grrrl band. I loved them.]

The Honkers on Sesame Street

The bit in A Hard Day's Night when Ringo gets his head "filled with Notions" by Paul's groovy grandad.

Hancock's Half Hour

Sean Hughes [ Sorry! But all Irish teenage girls loved Sean Hughes back then]

'Her Jazz' by Huggy Bear [Probably the biggest British riot grrrl band; did split album with Bikini Kill. That single genuinely got me all fired up like a good little feminist]

Withnail and I

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues [The book, not the film, although in retrospect the book isn't that great either]

Tots TV [Bizarre kids TV show]

Breakfast at Tiffany's


Trolls [I still hate those horrible plastic things]

Caitlin Moran (She is the Antichrist and we hate her and her annoying voice) [She's a journalist who presented a TV show at the time. And she really was very annoying]

Platform booties and all who wear them [Well, I've crossed over to the dark side since then . I have a pair of four inch platform wedge boots that make me look like a little Manga girl]

Take That!!![sic]

That awful Sprite ad [I have no idea]

Doug from Neighbours.

People who still say "NOT!!!" [If I have not previously made clear how revoltingly hipper-than-thou I was in my youth, I think that sums it up]

Richard and Judy [Okay, I changed my mind about that one later]

The blue flying monkey-yokes in The Wizard of Oz (shit cool film!).[Well, obviously I didn't change my mind about them - I meant that I loved to hate them - hence the vulgar words of praise for the film which contains them]


So there you have it. My teenage self. Thank God those days are long past...
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