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they're havin' a whale of a time!

Awww, man, the baby panda just sneezed! I am dying of the adorability over here.

The Pandacam is taking over my weekend. I kept sneaking off yesterday to see what the pandas were doing. Yesterday evening, Patsington and I were enjoying some peaceful time in the sitting room - Debussy was playing, I was re-reading Brother of the More Famous Jack and realising that when I read it when I was 16 it totally influenced my image of the sort of adult life I thought I would have, and Patsington was looking through newspapers looking for story ideas for his top secret new employment prospect. A scene of true domestic bliss, one might think. Except then Patsington was reading something on his laptop, and I started going "can we look at the pandas again? Just for a second?" and insisted on checking out their latest antics. Yes, I was so keen to see the pandas that I couldn't wait to GO UPSTAIRS TO MY OWN LAPTOP and look at them myself. It's like an addiction. TO CUTENESS.

But seriously, who can blame me (except biascut, who appears to be immune to the pandas' charms!)? They really are having the Naboo-kittens effect.
Tags: domesticity, pandababy, wild beasts
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