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It's now more than a week since I've had a cigarette. This is the longest I've gone without smoking since 1997. And to be honest, despite a few manic moments of "I neeeeeeeed a cigarette!", I haven't done badly at all. Not least because I only smoke about five a day on average anyway, but still, I'm used to those five a day, so it's somewhat of a strain not to smoke them. However, I'm really getting used to it, and have managed to survive one gig and two nights in the pub sans cigarettes, which is the real challenge. I always smoke loads at gigs, and I really, really wanted to at this one.

But! I didn't. I am still smoke free. But I really wish you could get some sort of non-nicotine, non-dangerous cigarette. Because elt's face it, the main reason I miss smoking is because smoking looks cool.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know diseased lungs and stained teeth are not cool. I am giving up, remember? But it cannot be denied that smoking, especially in a nonchalant manner, looks very cool indeed, and that, I am sad to say, is what I'm going to miss about it. I don't miss the nicotine, or the smoke, but I do miss the ability to look faintly cool while waiting for one's friends to turn up.


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