The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
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What a difference a voice makes! I'd been looking forward to the adaptation of Wilkie Collins's No Name on BBC 7, but I'm half way through the first one and I don't think I can take any more. They seem to have gathered the actors with the most annoying, affected voices in England and put them together to form one hideous mass of irritation. I keep having to remind myself that I already know and like these characters, because their radio versions are making me hate them with a passion. The woman playing Magdalen - who in the book is charming, edgy and bold - has turned her into an affected princess who's so breathy she sounds like she's having an orgasm every time she speaks. It's painful to hear.

Thank heaven, then, for the magnificent Paul Temple, who is also back on BBC 7 in a typically preposterous mystery (in yesterday's episode, he and his wife Steve DRUGGED THE GIRL WHO WAS VISITING THEM AND BUNDLED HER OFF TO A SECRET COTTAGE because they thought she was involved with a drugs ring. Why he and Steve are still asked for assistance by the police is beyond me, they don't show much regard for the law themselves). By Timothy, I just can't get enough of Mr Temple and his suave yet masterly ways!
Tags: god bless the bbc, kultur
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