The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

poker face

The subtitle to this excellent little montage (it's a big quicktime movie from Salon) could just be "Why Fox News is Horrible, and Oprah is not". Or maybe just "Hurrah for That Man who Shouted "Go Fuck Yourself, Mr Cheney!"".

Also, I made a discovery last night. I am good at poker! Who knew? Not me, nor did I actually know how to play. But it was my friend J's birthday yesterday, and she had a poker party. And once I (more or less) got the hang of the rules, I kept winning. And winning! Until I had a vast army of chips and my table-mates had nothing. Bwahahahahaha! Maybe I will become a professional poker player (I actually know someone whose dad is a professional gambler, believe it or not) and travel the world, playing at tournments and winning millions. Or maybe I will turn out like some sort of Georgette Heyer character and lose my fortune in a gaming hell. Anyway, sadly I couldn't stay to see if I would be the overall winner, because I was really knackered and left at about two (I was informed by text this morning that the game eventually finished at five), but I bet I could have won it. Maybe. Well, you never know.....
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