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Things I have done in my thirties:

1. Been woken by Patsington singing happy birthday to me, accompanied by his guitar.

2. Been serenaded by Patsington singing 'The Ship Song' by Nick Cave, which will be the first song we dance to should we ever have a wedding.

3. Been given DVDs of Bringing Up Baby and The Ladykillers (original Ealing version, need it be said) by Patsington.

4. Been taken to Dun Laoghaire where Patsington purchased for me the fabulous '20s style armchair I've yearned for for some time but always thought was too expensive to own (it has to be specially made for us and will be delivered in a few weeks. The tag said "a chair for the avid reader" and it's upholstered in pale yellow, green and red stripes and looks like the chintz covers they used to hang over genteel front doors to protect them from the summer sun).

5. Gone to the Zoo, listening to the original Radio 4 series of The Mighty Boosh en route, which made me and Patsington speechless with laughter, particularly Bob Fossil ("I hate you Moon, you freakish bitch!"). Anything to do with Vince is also funny ("you're a glam buccaneer!").

6. Seen a baby tapir, lots of tortoises and our new favourite animals, the red pandas. The latter look like a cross between a fox, a cat, and a cuddly toy. THEY RULE.

7. Feasted on a very, very fancy dinner in Ballsbridge.

8. Come home and read lots of lovely birthday messages from fabulous LJ people, drunk tea, and watched Coronation Street.

So in short, my thirties have been good so far. I am now tired, full, and slightly sunburned, despite copious use of sunscreen. What more can one want from a birthday?
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