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One of the many things I love about The Mighty Boosh is the fact that the songs in the musical numbers are actually, genuinely, good. Patsington and I have been singing them all week, ever since we got the DVDs and the radio series CDs. Patsington's favourite is the triumphant glamrock song performed by the Ape of Death after Vince gives him Naboo's Miracle Hair Wax ("I'm the Ape of Death and I don't care - 'cause I'm the monkey with the lovely hair!"), but I love the Mod Wolves' instrumental (seriously, Vince as King of the Mods is EXACTLY like people I've seen in London mod clubs. When he and the wolves are dancing it's like the Wag club in 1996), Kraftwerk Orange's 'I am Electroboy, I am Electrogirl', and Vince's 'Monkeys Stole My Face' (which is very catchy and which I've been humming all day).

I really love this programme. It's clever and enormously imaginative, the use of language is wonderful, the characters are inherently funny and, a rarity in much modern comedy, it's all kind of good natured. I really enjoy some nasty comedy, but the stuff I genuinely love is seldom really mean-spirited, and there's a charming goofiness at the heart of the Boosh that I like a lot. And, lots of mad stuff happens in it. I read an interview with Noel 'Vince' Fielding online when looking to see when the second series is being shown on BBC2, and he said that he disagreed with critics who called it "surreal", because he didn't think it was - he thought it was magical, because there's a logic to the weird things that happen, they're not random and strange for the sake of it. Even Bryan Ferry living in the jungle and saying things like "how goes it in the city of men?"
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