The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

but liquor is quicker

Today, to my immense delight, I found a copy of Ogden Nash's Candy is Dandy in a second hand shop in Blackrock. I loved Nash as a child, and when leedy got this book when I was about 14 I discovered that I loved his more adult poems too. But I haven't had my own copy since leedy moved out of the parental abode, so I jumped on this one. And on the bus, on the way home, I discovered this wonderful poem in it completely by chance:

by Ogden Nash

I love the Baby Giant Panda
I'd welcome one to my veranda.
I never worry, wondering maybe
Whether it isn't Giant Baby;
I leave such matters to the scientists:
The Giant Baby - and Baby Giantists.
I simply wish a julep and a
Giant Baby Giant Panda.

So do I!
Tags: literary serendipity, pandababy, pomes
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