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maybe that's all the beast is, a ghost

The bit with the boat? Scary as fuck, and I am very glad I was unspoiled, because I first of all went 'huh? Are they really going to be rescued? Well, that's cool, I suppose, because I like everyone on the raft.' And when the scary bearded bloke said that they wanted Walt, I felt like someone had poured cold water down my spine. Yowza.

Also, I hate Jack. Patsington and I both hate Jack. Every time he appears on the screen we express our hatred of him in rude gestures. He's such a dick that I have to believe that it's intentional.

In conclusion: it was good. Not enough questions answered, but I suppose that's fair enough. Bits of it were really scary, and bits of it were funny, and bits of it (the bits with Jack) were very annoying.

Am I getting hold of the first episode of the new season? What do you think?
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