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Black Type and Uncle Disgusting

Hurrah! The heating is back on in the office. After I came in clad in a thermal vest under a tight t-shirt, looking very much as I did in 1993. (Note to Americans: by 'vest' I mean thermal long-sleeved, um, undershirt, I suppose. Not a waistcoat. Urgh) And a hoodie. the hoodie has been removed, but even so, I'm now a little too warm. Although I must say it's better than being really fucking cold.

So. I made a wonderful discovery in the Boy's parents house the other day. A 1990 issue of Smash Hits! Black Type! Bitz! Smash Hits tea towels! Anyone of a certain age who was brought up in Ireland or Britain will remember the old, hilarious Smash Hits of the '80s. You might think it was only hilarious because you were eleven, but I assure you, it's still hilarious when you're 27. I laughed out loud reading that old issue more than I have at any magazine recently. It's just so irreverent, and sometimes downright mean, and the preposterous use of language ("preposterous" is a very old-school Smash Hits word, actually), all polysyllabic words and inverted commas, is just hysterically funny. How I wanted to win a Smash Hits tea towel back in the day - in fact, how I want one now.....

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