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sweet scents

Another day, another Bpal order arrives, courtest of the wonderful Postie.* Oh, the gorgeousness of Wicked and Persephone! One so foxy, the other so fruity. And the deliciousness of some of my freebie imps - they gave me Malice, Eris, Blockbuster and Cairo (by the way, is it wrong that I snigger meanly when reading reviews of scents that mention using the oils "in a rite"? Yes? No?). I particularly like the rather unfortunately named Blockbuster - there may be a 5ml bottle of that in my next order. Actually I've built up quite an impressive imp collection over the last few months - and the imps do last a surprisingly long time, especially if you're me and aren't into slathering yourself with so much scent that people keel over in the street. Except for the first time I tried Rakshasa and didn't realise that a very little went a very long way (I just used a few dabs! I swear! And then I was sitting on a hot bus realising that the entire vehicle was starting to smell like an Indian opium den filled with rose petals).

Anyway, today I'm wearing Zephyr, of which I just bought an imp in my last order and of which I should have got a big bottle because it's gorgeous. I'm going out to meet my pal Mozzer for lunch, then I'm going to get my haircut and then I'm going to try and find a frock for the wedding of one of my dearest chums which is taking place next week, and then I'm meeting jane_the_23rd and hopefully glitzfrau for a cocktail. The glamour! Well, I have been stuck at home waiting for posties and couriers all week. I deserve a bit of excitement.

*To those unaware of Bpal's charms - it's an independent perfume oil company that make lots of scents with fantastically gothy names and even more preposterous descriptions. Gorgeous and absolutely addictive.
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