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Patsington and I had lunch with friends who fed us a gorgeous, gorgeous roast feast and then two hours later we went to my parents' house where we had a gorgeous pasta bake with salad and garlic bread and apple tart for dessert. Oh, I am full. But! My parents were just in America for six weeks and brought me home the Gilmore Girls Season 4 DVD box set and lots of fancy underwear and leedy is back from Vermont and gave me a gorgeous Brooklyn Industries bag, so I am comforted by my new gifts. Also, I had read all the Sweet Valley High books in the house too many times and they were all just too familiar (I always like to have one on the kitchen table to eat during meals) so I gathered a big batch from the secret collection in my old boudoir and taken them back here. So a good day was had by all. Until I came home and realised that P's brother (who came home after last night's revels at six in the morning, woke us up with his drunken blundering, and then went to the loo and passed out and we were kind of freaked in case he'd, like, cracked his head on the sink and to add to this I really needed to go to the loo myself but of course couldn't get in) had gone out again and left an entire day's worth of dirty dishes and a dirty kitchen counter which drives me absolutely fucking insane. Sigh. I think I need to go and look at my gifts again. And possibly read Lovestruck ("Will Suzanne succeed in changing Ken?" Answer: No.).
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