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cat on a hot tin roof

You know I love Ju Ju. But man, sometimes she's hard work. Like today. She's been put on a fancy new expensive food, specially for fat "senior" felines, but the vet-recommended daily dose of grub does not satisfy Princess Arjumand. So my day has been accompanied by something that sounds a little like this:

Wawawa! Woooow! I want food! Food! I want food! Fooooooood! Weeeeeeeeew! Wheeeeeeeew! No, not this stupid Hill's Vetinary Plan food! Real food! HUMAN FOOD! Row! Row!

ALL DAY. At a piercing volume. And then we made the mistake of cooking a roast chicken for dinner. That just sent her into a frenzy. I now have to go and have a soothing bath to ease my frazzled nerves.
Tags: domesticity, ju ju
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