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I just finished the new Ross O'Carroll-Kelly book and my God, it's hilarious. As Ross's adventures appear weekly in the publication which employed me for five years, I used to follow them avidly, but I stopped reading the paper once I stopped working for it, so I am quite behind the times. Which means the book was all new to me. And it's wonderfully, hysterically funny, and fearfully spot-on. Ross has discovered that he has a secret skanger love-child called Ronan, who speaks like Ronnie Drew and whose every utterance made me laugh aloud. Usually I hate phonetic depictions of working-class speech, but not when the posh southside accent is skewered so magnificently too (and as someone who shamefully shares Ross's "mushy t's", even though I pronouce the word "right" as "rysh" not "roysh", I suppose my own middle-class northside accent is in there too). Which is the case here. And the rendering of Ronan's words of wisdom is so accurate (which is seldom the case in patronising working-class phonetically-written dialect) that it's impossible to resent them. Anyway, strongly recommended to everyone who doesn't like thick-necked rugby players, and possibly even those who do.

In other news, it's the middle of the day and it's so dark I have the lights on. And it's raining. Was it just yesterday that Patsington and I went on a jolly walk through the sunny park (and the new wild bit of woodland at the back of it which is now open to the public), marvelling at the gorgeous Autumn weather and the myriad colours of the Autumnal foliage? It's hard to believe now, looking out at the gloom. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, my arse. Or even orse.
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