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the many moods

Yesterday it was dark and lashing rain and it made me feel miserable. Today it is raining even harder and I'm reveling in it. I feel like snuggling on the couch in our Avoca blanket, drinking Green and Black's hot chocolate and reading Kathryn Hughes's fantastic book about Mrs Beeton. It may be raining, but I have good books to read, I have a stupid but entertaining cat to amuse me, I have a nice comfy couch to lounge on, and I have a lovely boyfriend who will come home and watch Coronation Street with me and find it just as funny as I do. What more could one want?

ETA: Cam-caps of Pandababy, that's what! Awww, man, look at the last few. In a loving manger, indeed! Thanks for the link, daegaer.
Tags: day by day, pandababy, rain rain go away
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