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work is the curse of the drinking classes


Last night glitzfrau hosted a delightful dinner party comprising herself, me, radegund and jane_the_23rd. It was great fun, but there was lots of booze, and neither radegund nor jane_the_23rd drank very much of it, which meant that somehow La Glitz and I drank it all. And I feel a bit wobbly. And I have loads of work to do. And I am still in my dressing gown.

Actually, it wasn't some sort of mad binge, and I don't feel particularly sick or headachey. But I do feel, literally, wobbly. If this wasn't a work day, I would spend it curled on the couch reading light literature. Unfortunately I've got to write 1600 words on literature that isn't light at all. Oh dear.
Tags: but why do i have a hangover? why?
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