The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

who the hell is the greek, anyway?

Play The Harlequin game! Basically you get the titles of a bunch of Harlequin romances, and put them together to make a story. Hours of fun! Well, minutes, anyway. Here's my tale based on the forthcoming (and totally fucking insane) titles for December...

The whole city was shocked when it was revealed that The Greek's Christmas Baby was Blackmailing the Society Bride for Sleeping with a Stranger. The society bride's husband Sir Humphrey Hamstring fought back by Claiming His Christmas Bride, but The Italian's Passion was too much for her and she returned to the aforementioned stranger. An enraged and distraught Sir Humphrey decided to sell himself at a charity auction, where he was Taken by the Highest Bidder, who just happened to be The Millionaire's Virgin Mistress. The Millionaire was not pleased, however, and took Sir Humphrey hostage. Happily, Sir Humphrey was rescued by His Wedding-Night Heir, and against all odds he lived happily ever after.
Tags: romancing the book
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