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cosy fan tutte

Ingredients for a perfect cosy evening after tramping about in the rain.

1. One pair of white flannel pyjamas with blue piping adorned with pictures of monkeys dancing on clouds. As Patsington said, it's like I commisioned them or something.

2. One pair of Liberty print slippers.

3. One large red dressing gown.

4. Several cups of tea.

5. Lots of Lemon Melt biscuits (the platonic ideal of biscuits).

6. One Jeeves and Wooster DVD box set.

7. One comfy little armchair that looks like it belongs in the set of the above.

8. Knowing that you're going to have a bath filled with Origins Cocoa Therapy bubbles before tumbling into bed.

What are your ingredients for a similarly soothing evening?
Tags: domesticity
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