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the ultimate Ju Ju photo

This image sums up her cross, sulky personality perfectly...

And with that, I'm off for a very full night out - first meeting glitzfrau and jinxremoving, then going for proper Chinese food with leedy, our visiting sister Busta J, and our collective boyfriends (pity poor Busta's beau, on his first proper Dublin visit - meeting our entire family is a terrifying thing, as wonderlanded can confirm. Or as Patsington once said, "you should hear them when they're all in one room. It's like the zoo!"), and then going to meet an old friend of mine and Patsington's, who I haven't seen for a year and is home in Dublin very briefly. The glamour! No wonder Ju Ju is sulking, staying at home sitting on an accordion (I wish I were making that up).
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