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robin - the laughing man

I had a lovely weekend, filled with wild socialising and very good food. But one of the best things about it was the fact that, during our delightful dinner on Saturday night, barsine presented me with DVDs containing every single episode of Robin of Sherwood. The Hooded Man himself! And Patsington and I watched a few episodes over the weekend and to our amazement IT IS FANTASTIC! Yes, the memories of Saturday evenings singing along to Clannad and making up mocking versions of the song to match Robin's actions ("now he's - the jumping man" or " - the dancing man" which was very amusing to the under-tens) came flooding back, and the whole thing is wonderfully entertaining. And it was genuinely better than I thought it would be. I mean, I thought it would be pure cheese, and it is, but it's quite imaginative cheese, and the writing and production* is pretty good, despite the mullets. I had forgotten that the set up was that Robin and his muckers were Saxons and the Sherrif et al were all Normans. Of course, Patsington has a Norman surname and so might as well be Guy of Guisborne (who, unlike Patsington, looks like an evil twelve year old).

So we were getting into the historical stuff (as well as the mullets and the magnificent special effects), and so I googled Patsington's surname and the Norman-heavy part of the country his dad comes from to see if there were any Guy [Patsington's-surname]s knocking about the place back in the 12th century. Sadly, there were no Guys, but instead we found that Patsington's (possible) forebears all had names straight out of Cold Comfort Farm! Yes, there was an Odo [Patsington's-surname], and - even better - there was a Fulk [Patsington's-surname]. And best of all, Fulk had a son called Patrick, who was known as Patrick Fitzfulk [Patsington's-surname]. And if only I could give away Patsington's surname in public, I'd say how they all spelled it, because there was one spelling so magnificent that I wish he'd start spelling his name like that now, because it's very amusing. Anyway, Patsington is delighted by this, and has announced that we must call our firstborn Odo. Or possibly Fulk. I said, what about Urk? Or Rennet? And he said that the names of the Starkadders couldn't compete with the names of the [Patsington's-surname]s, and I think he's right.

*By production, I do not mean the special effects, which consisted of slow-motion accompanied by clanging synth sounds.
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