The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

yet another random list entry

1. glitzfrau came over this evening to knit and make soup and laugh at Robin of Sherwood's mullet. It was a lovely evening, and even Ju Ju behaved herself, content merely to glower at us from the kitchen. I do love living in the 'burbs, what with the park and the nice neighbours and everything, but I do miss the days when my chums could casually drop in of an evening without having to make an epic trek.

2. I'm quite enjoying Rome, although I can't help feeling it could be a lot better. I do love all things Roman, though, despite because of the five years of secondary school Latin, and I do like being able to translate the graffiti. However, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing - my Roman history is a bit hazy, but it's still there in the back of my mind, so I keep trying to remember the results of all the political machinations, which I used to know all too well. I didn't realise that Octavian/Augustus's mother was such a slapper, though, but that may not have been covered in the Leaving Cert Latin curriculum. And why do all the women have anachronistic styled bikini waxes? Anyway, it's making we want to re-read I, Claudius for some more Roman madness (yeah, I know, it's several decades later), but I think my copy must be in my parents' house. You may have noticed that practically every historical programme I watch puts me in the mood for some vaguely onnected literature....

3. A publicist with whom I get on well and who handles lots of good publishers has apparently started representing some godawful new age imprint and today has me a crystal healing pack and book. Complete with crystals. I already have piles of books all over the stairs! Must I make room for crystals too? I know I'm very lucky to get lots of cool free books, but this should prove that there's a less positive element to this...

4. I keep looking at our hobbit house and feeling very excited. If only it had wireless internet access it'd be quite perfect. A whole week without LJ! How will I cope?
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