The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

blast from the past

The best episode of the season, by a mile. And I really liked Jess in it - back in the day I thought he was an obnoxious little prick, but a fantastic depiction of the sort of obnoxious little prick that I would have totally gone for in my teens. He was a terrible boyfriend, but alas lots of us will put up with terrible boyfriends when we are too young and stupid to know better. I thought that if he could just grow up of the surly whininess, he and Rory could be good together. And now it looks like he has grown up a bit, and he's doing something cool, and I'm glad that his appearance woke Rory up. Because I always hated Logan, and I hated him and his stupid fucking friends even more than usual in this episode. When he was doing that authorial name-dropping crap at Jess I really did hope Jess would punch him. Or that Rory would punch him. Actually, the latter would have been more satisfying.

And Lorelai and Paul Anka! Awww. That scene made me cry. Although I laughed aloud when Lorelai casually revealed to us that the doggy day care centre was run by Kirk.

So, yeah, a great episode. Although I'm worried about the trailer. The obvious thing is a secret love child for Luke, which I can't help feeling would be pretty dreadful....
Tags: gilmore girls
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