The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

die leiden der jungen Pandababy

As you know, one Pandababy takes precedence in my affections (and can it be coincidence that his very own zoo website recently refered to him as a "panda baby" rather than a "baby panda"? Or are we back in Ogden Nash territory again?). But I'm also rather fond of Su Lin, the Californian cub. And yet, there's a difference between them. Pandababy himself always looks rather cheerful, even when someone's sticking a thermometer up his arse. But Su Lin looks like a pandababy with a secret sorrow. The videos of her are incredibly cute, but she still looks miserable where Tai Shan looked serene. And she's so noisy! I do hope she's all right.

In other news, PATSINGTON AND I ARE GOING ON HOLIDAY! Oh, wait, that's not news. But still! A whole week away (well, nearly), visiting Glastonbury and the missbassey family and then on to the little cottage where we shall sleep in a himmelbett and take baths by candlelight. Hurrah!
Tags: pandababy, roaming the countryside
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