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what i did on my holidays, by stellanova age 30

I shall divide it into its component parts.

1. Glastonbury
Somerset is very pretty, even after driving down the M5 for about ten years. While a part of me is rather thrilled that I (or rather Patsington) can just drive down our road and effectively drive to England (the ferry being slower than a car would be covering that distance), the fact that it takes five freaking hours to get from Holyhead to Glastonbury, mostly because much of Wales is short on motorways so we had to drive round the top of it and down the middle of England, is not thrilling at all. So we arrived at Glasto at about six, and there was a traffic diversion because there was a big funfair thing going on, so we had to drive practically to Bristol until we got back to where we were staying. And then we were so tired we scrapped our plans of going out for a fancy dinner and slumped in our B'n'B.

But! In the morning we were revived, and drove into town, and it was very pretty even though it's full of preposterous "magick" shops, and we climbed up Glastonbury Tor until defeated by a bit that was about 70% gloopy mud and only passable in waterproof trousers and wellies, and we climbed down again past ancient orchards and had some tea. And I went into the Oxfam bookshop and found two books I've been seeking for years - Margaret Mahy's Raging Robots and Unruly Uncles, of which my sisters and I were very fond as kids and which we used to get out of the library all the time, and for which I always look when gazing at the Ms in any children's book sections. And not only that, but I found Rachel Ferguson's The Brontes Go to Woolworths, which I got out of the library aged 15 and remembered fondly. I've attempted to find a copy since the advent of second hand internet book shopping, but it was always really expensive. And there it was for £2! So a good omen to set us off on our way to....

Where we met the cutest, most charming baby in the world. That would be missbassey's Superbaby, and it was lovely to meet her at last. It was also lovely to see missbassey and Mr missbassey (the star of Radio 4), who as usual were FANTASTIC hosts and took us for walks and told us hilarious stories and fed us chicken and champagne (missbassey and I drank our champagne in delicious Bucks Fizz style - cue renditions of 'Making Your Mind Up'). And missbassey gave me my very own copy of Judy Blume's justly fabled "adult" novel Wifey, which BOGGLES THE MIND. And in the morning I heard faint baby noises from upstairs, and I thought the poor baby was going to start crying, but no, she was just singing away to herself and it was lovely. In fact, our entire time there was enormous fun, and we can't wait to go back to Cornwall. We also can't wait to go back to...

3......the hobbit house. Oh, the hobbit house. It was like something out of a fairy tale. There are few places that make you gasp in delight when we walk in the door, but this was one, even after the six hour drive from Truro to mid-Wales. I'm used to thatched cottages - my great-aunts owned one as a holiday cottage, and moved there full time when I was about eight - but not ones where the inside of the thatch is open to the lofy ceiling, and you can see the twisted branches that hold it up. It was so cosy, and so charming, and such fun to sleep in a crogloft over the kitchen. And Wales is staggeringly beautiful (although full of sheep), although possibly less so if it had rained. But it didn't - the weather was unbelievable- perfect sparkly winter weather, so we could tramp along the roads and go to little seaside towns (Aberaeron, eight miles down the road, has a brilliant second hand bookshop where Patsington and I picked up some gems). But we were happy to just loll about the hobbit house, drinking wine and listening to Satie and reading and laughing a lot. It was perfect, and we didn't want to leave. We're already planning our next stay in the Spring.

And we're also planning Patsington's commencement (again) from our alma mater this afternoon, so I've got to don the posh frock and do my girlfriendly duty. Bis spater....
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