The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
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geeking out

1. The lovely barsine kindly alerted me to the fact that there was a documentary on last night about the Woolong Panda Breeding Centre in China. PANADABABIES ON THE TELLY! And not only that, but PANDABABY TWINS! Oh, the cuteness. Patsington rang just after it started just to say hello and that he was leaving work and would be home soon, and I think he thought I was having some sort of fit, what with all my squeaking of "Pandababy twins! Oh! They're wrestling! They're running together! Oh, the cuteness!" Poor Patsington, he is a long-suffering man.

2. I am such a nerd. I am watching Buffy in order, from the start. Even the Season One episodes that, in my memory, were a bit below par are still pretty cool. I don't think I'd feel the urge to watch, say, The Pack if I weren't watching them in order, because if I was just watcing random episodes, I'd obviously choose my favourite ones. So it's great to see these episodes that I haven't watched in years. And it's great to watch the story arcs developing (bring on Season 2, that pinnacle of television storytelling!). Patsington and David don't agree, though. "I want to watch Hush/Once More with Feeling/The Body/Becoming/Surprise/The Wish" they cried, but no! "I'm watching them in order!" I bellowed, nerdily. But I gave in last night and let them watch Superstar (the one where Jonathan changes the world so he's the centre of the universe) because D hadn't seen it. Apparently my Rily-hatred hasn't faded with the years. As soon as he appeared I started making rude gestures at the telly. I remember when he finally left for (almost) good, barsine and I were literally cheering at the screen.

3. I still haven't started the Sarah Waters. I know, I know. This sometimes happens when I get a book I've been waiting for for ages. I don't want to waste it by reading it just for the sake of it if I'm not in the right mood. Perhaps I won't be in the right mood until it actually comes out at the end of February, although I think it'll happen long before then. Possibly by tomorrow.

4. In further proof of my nerdishness, I am going to table quiz ON MY OWN tonight. Well, not really. It is a table quiz for adults on children's literature, and is therefore possibly the only table quiz that I have a really good chance of winning. Alas! barsine was invited to be on a team last week by her sister, when I was out of the country, and I couldn't find anyone who was free to be on a team with me. Well, anyone who is interested in a kidlit quiz, which is sadly only a tiny minority of my friends. But apparently you can just turn up and they'll put you on a team, so I'm going to go anyway and gaze forlornly from my friendless loser table at the frolicking barsine and Co.
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