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let's get quizzical, quizzical

I got a phone call this afternoon.

barsine: If you auditioned for the role of Clara in The Nutcracker, and Gisele got it and you were first understudy, and then Gisele broke her ankle and you got the part, how would you feel?

Me: Very happy.

barsine: Good, because [her sister]'s friend has dropped out so you can be on our team in the table quiz!

And I was! AND WE WON!!!!! Because we are kidlit genii (and made some lucky guesses, but we each got some tricky questions. I am very pleased with myself for getting the Kenneth Grahame one)!

So yes, we are justly triumphant. And we now have fifteen quid's worth of book tokens each. Huzzah for us!
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