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The Gnome and cangetmad have gone! And we are bereft, especially Ju Ju, who forged an unforseen (by me, anyway) alliance with our tiny guest. Apparently adorable human babies are the only thing that can crack Ju Ju's icy facade. The Gnome was entranced by her, and she seemed to return the favour, even allowing the Gnome to rest her small head on Ju Ju's large one in order to listen to the feline's purrs. It was possibly the cutest sight ever. Who knew Ju Ju liked babies? Or perhaps it was just the Gnome, who charmed my entire household and seemed very taken with Patsington (perhaps it's the fluffy beard? Anyway, he returned her affection).

Anyway! Hurrah for the Livejournal Ladies Weekend! Friday was karaoke, with highlights being jane_the_23rd's performance of 'Mr Tambourine Man' in the style of William Shatner, Jane and leedy's 'Send on the Clowns', radegund's 'Goodbye Yellowbrick Road</i> (who knew the lyrics were so, well, insane? Horny-backed toads, indeed!) and, if I say so myself, my own rendition of 'Bootylicious'. Alas yiskah's flight had been moved so she didn't get in to town until the wee hours so after our collective revels, high on karaoke, I brought her weekend hostess Jane to a friend of mine's birthday party round the corner where we enthused about karaoke to the general alarm of all who encountered us. And then we found Jess, and I thought Patsington and I would be able to give them a lift home (he was playing a gig elsewhere but was due at the party any minute) so the poor things had to hang around and then it turned out that our car was full of amps so they wouldn't fit! Oh dear. And by then I was very tired too, and knew that I had to get up early to go the airport and collect....

cangetmad and her lovely, lovely smiley bold little baby! Both were, of course, delightful guests, and the Gnome was on her best behaviour for Saturday night's guests leedy, yiskah and pisica, who joined us for Chinese food, Pringles, and the fantastic sight of yiskah's dad starring in an episode of Robin of Sherwood HOLDING A FALCON! Fantastic.

But more excitement was to come the following day, with the vast brunch at the house of radegund, niallm and the Oyster! There was an Oyster-Gnome Baby Summit, which was a delight, and we got to see Baby yiskah being an extra in an episode of the aforementioned Robin (the DVD of this episode had refused to work in my house the night before). Which I think is a sight we'll never forget. So we all feasted and played with babies and laughed a lot and cheered Baby yiskah and her dad and a fantastic time was had by all. Which more or less sums up this entire wonderful weekend. I'm very proud that I lured jane_the_23rd, glitzfrau and leedy into the wilds of LJ so long ago!

But now, it's back to the grind, and my so-far fruitless attempts to locate somewhere that will sell me a replacement battery for my apparently "old" (November 2003) iBook. The battery life has suddenly plummeted to just an hour over the last few days, but apparently the Apple Store only sell replacement batteries for new (last six months, as far as I can tell) models. Which is very annoying. Anyone know anywhere that could help me?
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