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groundless criticism time!

Yet another reason why I don't want to see the new Narnia film: I just heard a clip with Mrs Macready, the housekeeper. Despite the fact that she has a Scottish name, apparently the film decided she should have a really shit Irish accent. You know, we can actually say the "g"s at the end of our words, and if you're trying to do some sort of vaguely middle-class Irish accent, you should take that into account.

Also, since when did the Witch become the "Ice Queen"? And polar bears instead of reindeer? And a wardrobe that is so obviously weird and magic looking that you'd be surprised if there wasn't something odd going on, thus defeating the entire point of book's very ordinary and hence imagination-triggering wardrobe? The fuck?

Okay, I know that I'm criticising a film I haven't seen. But I don't want to see it, because it sounds so shit and if it really is that shit, I'd rather not have my memories of the book that basically introduced me to literature (I read it when I was five) despoiled. Apparently the religious stuff is really stressed in the film - I know Aslan isn't exactly a subtle Jesus allegory in the books, but it's not too overt at all in The Lion.... - I remember being very pleased with myself when I realised that, like Jesus, Aslan had died and risen again, but I was just impressed by what was basically the first allegory I'd ever encountered. And more importantly, you could easily read it without noting the religous overtones, not least because the god that dies and rises again is a myth much older than Jesus. But a film funded by some American Christian group - as this is, although they're not highlighting that on this side of the Atlantic - is unlikely to handle this in a subtle way.
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