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Stars Hollow

Can I just say how glad I am that Gilmore Girls is back on RTE 1 after its hiatus (it was bumped from the schedules for almost six months in favour of the appalling sub-Pop Idol show, You're a Star)? I love that show. I even - well, I won't say I like Jess, but for all the bitching about him on TWOP, I do think he is a very accurate portrayal of the sort of pseudo-intellectual Ginsberg-reading arsehole that exerts a terrifying hold on a certain sort of pseudo-intellectual Kerouac-loving teenage girl (read: me in 1991). Sure, it's a type we all grow out of, and now find particularly annoying, but that doesn't mean we didn't go for it when we were pretentious teens.

And I think Rory and Lane are some of the most realistic teen girls on telly (the most real, for me, was Lindsay in Freaks and Geeks - and early Willow, maybe), because like me and all my friends when we were teens, they're really into stuff, like good music and cool books - and that's something you don't see much on screen, where girls are expected to be into gossip and romance and fuck all else. I love the fact that Lane is a big music geek, because teenage girls aren't expected to be like that, and yet so many of them are and always have been. I certainly was (and the huge pile of in-order NMEs from 1990-1994 that lurk under the dressing table in my old room at my parents' house is a testament to that).

Anyway. I wish the programme had been on back in 1991, because I know I would have really, really adored it. Although having it on right now will do. They'd just better not shove it off the airwaves again....

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